[27-03-2019] New images

New places, new work. Slowly emerging from the lava of Gran Canaria.


harmonium bewerkt

[15-04-2018] Moderating

Last Friday I had the great pleasure of moderating the first Jos Wijnhoven lecture in the public library here in Deventer. The guest was Rudi Meulemans, who wrote a beautiful non-fiction novel about the forgotten author Glenway Wescott. If you want me to moderate your event, send me a message!

2018-04-15 11.49.03

2018-04-15 11.49.21

[19-11-2017] Art Overijssel Proof! 19-11 t/m 10-12

'Paul's Last Journey' is part of this big exhibition in Hengelo, NL. It's a minimalistic representation of the Facebok page, with a tag to the actual work.

[08-09-2017] Save the date: Lecture Humanistic Association

On Sunday the 15th. of October I wil give a lecture (in Dutch) on my latest project 'Paul's Last Journey' for the members of the Humanistic Association, but everybody is welcome. It wil start at 2 PM at the Temple of the Freemasons, Rijkmanstraat 10 in Deventer. Link here.

[03-07-2017] Paul's Last Journey

So it's been a while since I've done anything here. In the summer of 2016 my husband died, and I've been occupied since doing... well, whatever you do when something epic like this happens. No work made, trying to float and finding balance again. The coming week I’m going to cycle to Rome during which I will perform a project you can follow on Facebook. It’s called ‘Paul’s Last Journey (or: A Manual of how to Disperse your Husbands Ashes in 30 Days on 30 Different Locations, while Cycling to Rome.)’
In this project, each day (starting 7th. of July) I will upload a photo of the location where the ashes are dispersed. I will continue to do so until I reach Rome, where the final ashes will be dispersed on the grounds of the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls. My expectation is to arrive there in the weekend of 5/6 August.
You can find the link here. Feel free to like and share the page.

manual 2 van 4 kopie

[04-05-2016] Exhibition 'Deventer Stories'

If you are in the neighbourhood: drop by to see the exhibition about 'Deventer Stories' in Museum De Waag. I did the lifesize portraits for this project. The design is by studio Groen+Schilt, who did a very nice job, as you can see.





[28-02-2016] Hi there...

So, it's been way too long since I did anything on this site, mainly because I'm lazy, but also cause I've been occupied with personal matters and my job on the HKU. I've just finished a very nice assignment for Groen & Schilt. It's for the new exhibition of 'Deventer Verhaal' that's going live next month. Pictures and updates will follow!

[11-04-2015] A blast from the past

I stumbled on this old interview (in Dutch only, sorry...) today. Berchmanianum still exist today, despite the ominous last sentence.

[23-03-2015] New column

New column (Dutch) for MasterReview online now. Also Realm is mentioned in the new issue of Camera Austria (#129), among new books from Paul Graham and Susan Sontag, so i'm in good company. Realm is also soon available at Tique art space in Antwerp.

[03-02-2015] We have a winner...

Last week I won one of the three incentive prizes for the 'New Fathers' project at the Movisie Participatieprijs award show. Very happy for the acknowledgement for this project!

20150129 MacSiersFotografie 2  

[05-12-2014] New blog

Today, a new blogpost is published on the MasterReview site (in Dutch) about receiving feedback. Earlier this week, 'Realm' was mentioned in this years overview of published photobooks in the newpaper 'De Volkskrant'! Very pleased with that.


[24-10-2014] 'Realm' on JC's bookshelf

'Realm' is now added on the virtual bookshelf of Josef Chladek, always an honour!

[01-10-2014] Now available: 'Realm'

After a very pleasant and sunny booklaunch, 'Realm' is now available here and (later this month) here. Do buy!

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[12-09-2014] Hurray!

I proudly present my third book: 'Realm'. You are still very welcome to celebrate the birth of this new baby on Saturday 20 September during Unseen. Details in the previous posts below!

realm cover




[25-08-2014] Presentation & nomination

On Saturday the 20th. of September my new book 'Realm' will be presented at the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam. You are very welcome to attend this festive occasion! It will be at 4 PM in the Mossel & Gin restaurant. Also, my dummy for 'New Fathers' is nominated for an YdocBookApp prize! The five winners will be announced also at the Unseen Photo Fair.

It's all going to be a blast, so I hope to see you there!


[03-07-2014] Getting ready!

Picked up my new dummy of 'New Fathers' this morning at Studio Kern and they did a real nice job! Getting ready to go and doing all the necessary things: printing promotion cards, packing books to sell, burning music on CD's for the car ride and sporting my new sandals... See you there!

Getting ready for Arles!

[19-06-2014] New job & Arles

After seven years of being the course leader for photography at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, it's time for a change! So starting September 1st., I'm going to be the new Academic Affairs Officer for the Media school. Very excited about this! I'm still a lecturer for the photography department, so I'm still part of the clan there.

Meanwhile, Eva is still tinkering with the 'Realm' book, it will be finished in time for a book launch at UNSEEN in September. So that's going to be an action packed month there!

But first things first: the exhibition of the graduate students and after that a week in Arles with the dummy of 'New Fathers' and a busy schedule there with a lot of portfolio viewings.

This is going to be a very swell Summer!

[02-06-2014] Almost done...

We (Eva & me) are busy with the final tuning of 'Realm' and I notice every time I look at the PDF's to check them, chills are running down my spine. That's a good thing, mind you... Here is a first impression:


Unfortunatly, the 'New Fathers' dummy didn't make the cut at the Kassel Photobook Festival, but hey, you win some & lose some. I'm going to see a lot of people to plug this book during Les Recontre d'Arles this year, I hope to see you there!

[02-05-2014] MasterReview is going live in 3, 2, 1, ...

Only a few hours left before MasterReview is going live to the public. We've been working hard to make a good platform for your reviewing pleasure, so if you, or someone you know, is looking for some serious photo feedback; take a look!

[20-02-2014] New work now online & MasterReview coming up.

You can now see a preview of the work that will be featured in 'Realm', my new book that will be published by Fw: this year. I'm now also part of a new collective of photographers, MasterReview, that will be launched in April.