'Het huis met de lege handen' (The House with the Empty Hands')

Photography: Rob Philip
Text: Kees Fens & Paul Begheyn (editor)
Design: Chantal Kortenhorst
Print: Veenman
Price: € 24,50
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In this project I present an image of the unique world of the 'Berchmanianum', a retirement home for male religious and priests. I worked on this project between 1996 till 2000.

The 'Berchmanianum' was originally built in 1927-29 by architects Jos and Pierre Cuypers as a philosophical college for young Jesuit students. In 1967 the students and their professors left for Amsterdam, and the house was turned into a retirement home. Two thirds of the present-day inhabitants used to be Jesuit students here in their youth. The rest of the elderly people belong to other religious orders and congregations. These old men once were active as professors, teachers, missionaries, chaplains, writers, etc.

The 'Berchmanianum' nowadays also offers accommodation to the archives and national library of the Dutch Jesuits

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