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In my work I try to photograph the world in a way that does not only show my perception of reality, but also my view on the condition humain, especially in the world of men. Sometimes in special circumstances, such as monasteries or brothels, but also in more common situations.

The subject in the pictures often do not only represent themselves, but are also a metaphor for a feeling of solitude, vulnerability and intimacy, emotions which are still more associated with woman than men. I try to show these emotions without a clear social agenda or high ideals, but present them as an alternate view of what is true. This way I try to evoke an association and confront the viewer with their own memories and desires.

Studio address
Van Hetenstraat 59
7415 TT Deventer
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)570 630 814
M +31 (0)654 982 063


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