[02-12-2013] Newish column online now & more news about 'Realm'.

A new column is online on the FOAM blog. This month I will finish the production of the new book, together with Eva. The title is 'Realm'. It refers to the fact that when you are diagnosed with a chronic and/or life-threatening disease, you move from the realm of the healthy people to that of the ones that are ill. It will be published in February 2014. Please check this site for more updates!

[19-10-2013] New column online & again more book news!

My new column for the FOAM blog is online now, click here. It's (among other things) about the beautiful work of Wolfgang Tilmanns, always a great joy to see his work.

Last month I wrote:
"So there are two new books in the making right now. The New Fathers book is designed as we speak and I am going to set up the whole pre-sale & finance thing after we made a good dummy. So get those credit cards & TAN codes ready, for I am going to spam the hell out of you to buy this puppy! 
Meanwhile we (graphic designer and overall lovable person Eva van der Schans & me) silently worked on another book that actually is going to be published this year. It is called Finality of Loss (work-title) and consists work that I made the past 15 years on one hand and the visual diary that I made last year about Paul and his battle with leukemia. Eva has some stunning ideas about the design and we are now investigating publishing options. We are going to finance this book ourselves, so all you have to do is buy it when it is ready, which should be around Christmas. The book is about memory, finitude, longing and the fact that all things end some day. In other words: the perfect Christmas present! So check your mail and Facebook page. Be prepared..."
I looked at the first designs for the FOL book and it is going to be gorgeous gem. 400+ photo's in 64 pages?! Is that possible?? Yes, it is...

You may have noticed (or not) that the price of the 'On the Game' book is raised dramatically. This is due to the fact that a certain person told me that the book is going to be mentioned and shown in a third volume of a certain book that shows a historic overview of photobooks. And since that person knew what he was talking about, I followed his advice and raised the price.