Higher Education

Since 2002 I have been involved in Higher Education. First as a teacher in photography and research at all levels, but later as Course Leader, chairman of the Exam Board and after my master at the VU University as Academic Affairs Officer (a strange translation for ‘onderwijskundige’…). I did this […]


In 2007 I was asked for a very special project. IAA Architects wanted to make a special interior design for a geriatric ward in the Solis ‘Groote en Voorster’, a home for the elderly in my home town Deventer. We came up with big photo wallpaper for the general rooms […]


I provide workshops on several topics & themes. Most of them are related to creativity, photography, learning and self efficacy. So far , I have given lectures and workshops on: Photographic Narratives Understanding and applying the creative process The power of ‘Not Knowing’ Psychological Interventions in Media Visual Analysis Conceptual […]


It seems that everybody is a coach nowadays… So why mention it here?Because I think that coaching/facilitating people in their personal and professional lives is more important than ever in this complex world. Coaching is just a word. A word that is different from other words like guiding, helping, or […]

New Fathers

Since 2003 I started to photograph men who are in their first year of fatherhood. I started this project because I wanted to capture the pride, love and vulnerability of men who start a new chapter in their lives; being a father. I was curious if they had the same […]

On the Game / Bisnisjongens

Male prostitution is, from a photographic point of view, a very tempting but dangerous subject. The visual pitfalls are numerous. Of course it is tempting to photograph good-looking, nude boys on a bed, who do not want to be recognised and therefore have turned away their heads. Pictured that way […]


When your life is compromised by disease, you are banished to the realm of the broken. Once you are there, there is no turning back. A part of you always stays in that domain, even when your health is restored. Your memories, dreams and desires are tainted by this banishment […]