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On the Game / Bisnisjongens

Male prostitution is, from a photographic point of view, a very tempting but dangerous subject. The visual pitfalls are numerous. Of course it is tempting to photograph good-looking, nude boys on a bed, who do not want to be recognised and therefore have turned away their heads. Pictured that way […]

New Fathers

Since 2003 I started to photograph men who are in their first year of fatherhood. I started this project because I wanted to capture the pride, love and vulnerability of men who start a new chapter in their lives; being a father. I was curious if they had the same […]


In 2007 I was asked for a very special project. IAA Architects wanted to make a special interior design for a geriatric ward in the Solis ‘Groote en Voorster’, a home for the elderly in my home town Deventer. We came up with big photo wallpaper for the general rooms […]


When your life is compromised by disease, you are banished to the realm of the broken. Once you are there, there is no turning back. A part of you always stays in that domain, even when your health is restored. Your memories, dreams and desires are tainted by this banishment […]